A Healthy Solution UV Air Purification System

The Napoleon HomeShield UV Air Purification System keeps your indoor air quality at its best. HomeShield uses medical grade Philips UV lamps with flexible installation configurations to purify your homes indoor environment. With HomeShield, all integral HVAC system components will preform more efficiently as bacterial and mold build-up is eliminated. Napoleon’s HomeShield Full Kit can be installed in a variety of ways to filter air entering and exiting the HVAC system, and is available in medical and standard grade sterilization levels.

Napoleon Indoor Air Quality  

HRV Smart Recovery

When outdoor temperatures are cold, the NERV65S recovers the energy with an efficiency rate of 83% when it’s 0C outside, recovers at 75% when it’s -10C and 60% when it’s as cold as -25C. Napoleon’s efficiency ratings are the best in the market, ensuring energy savings for your home.