Re:Oil Furnace Tune up

I am writing to express my appreciation to one of your employees for a job well done.  During a furnace tune up on September 19 your Technician performed many functions that I noticed were previously neglected by our former service provider.  He informed me that during the last tune up on September 19, 2010 the serviceman had installed the incorrect nozzle along with other issues.

It certainly gives one peace of mind knowing that everything on a furnace is adjusted properly and functioning at maximum efficiency.

As a result of his excellent work I have passed on a recommendation to a neighbour, who I expect will be calling you shortly to make an appointment.

I am very pleased with this service and will definitely be a repeat customer.


J. J.Homeowner

Hi everyone at Fern's !!

Once again thank you very much for everything that you have done for 'The Cottage'

Hopefully this is it for awhile

We are up and running with (oil distributor)


Pam JHomeowner

We recently purchased our dream home on Trout Lake but it needed some major repair with one of those being a new furnace system. We spent hours researching companies and getting quotes to replace our old furnace. Claude was the only person to actually explain that the setup I wanted to install would not work well in the house I purchased. He recommended a number of other setups that would work much better and his quote still came in $2000 less than the competition with a more advanced system.

Thanks for the great work and support!

Graham & Amber RobinsonHomeowners

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