Frequently Asked Questions:

Oil Tanks and Inspections
Q : What age do aboveground fuel oil tanks have to be replaced?
A : An existing aboveground fuel oil tank is considered approved provided the tank was installed in accordance with the code at the time of installation. As long as the tank is not leaking, there is no age in which the tank must be replaced.
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Q : What does the fuel oil supplier inspect? (Re: Comprehensive Inspections)
A : The fuel oil supplier inspects the entire fuel oil installation including each appliance (furnace, boiler water heater) that is using fuel oil, the venting system, tank and piping from the tank. This inspection is for the safe use of the appliance at the time of the inspection and does not cover performance.
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Q : What happens if the fuel oil supplier finds an unsafe installation?
A : Depending on the danger from the unsafe installation, a fuel supplier can specify a time period up to 90 days for corrective action or the delivery of fuel oil will cease. If the unsafe installation is very dangerous, then the distributor must immediately stop the supply of fuel oil to the installation.
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Q : Who can fix my appliance and make it safe again?
A : All heating contractors working on fuel oil equipment are required to be registered with TSSA. When calling a heating contractor, ask for the contractor s TSSA registration number and request that only a TSSA certified Oil Burner Technician work on the appliance. To check if the contractor is registered with TSSA call 1-877-682-TSSA (8772).
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How can you tell if you've hired a registered contractor.
Q : What are the requirements for vehicle lettering?
A : Section 7(2) of the Liquid Fuels Regulation (O. Reg. 217/01), section 21(7) of the Gaseous Fuels Regulation (O. Reg. 212/01) and section 31(4) of the Propane Regulation (O. Reg. 211/01) require that all vehicles operated by a registered contractor, whether leased or owned, shall be clearly marked with the name and registration number as recorded on the contractor's registration certificate. There are no specific requirements on the format of the sign other than the need for it to be clearly visible. Generally, letters of 5/8" in size or greater have been accepted as satisfying the intent.
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